Hollow Libs v Labor-Lite

Tuesday, 13 March 2007 

Good articles on Labor’s policy vacuum in the Age and Bulletin. Especially like Koutsoukis’s link between the lack of Labor policy and the personality cult around Rudd, although it stops short. The other side of the focus on Rudd is as a counter-attraction to the emptiness of the Liberal Party, which seems to be under-stated by the articles. After all, a new tax and what appear to have ended up being fairly modest IR changes do not point to a reforming decade under Howard. Even the Iraq war is hardly a sign of the Coalition’s (or the US and UK’s) policy strength. What better example of policy vacuum was an invasion conducted by a military coalition that had not a clue what to do once they got there?

What this means is that while the Liberals’ personal attacks can unnerve Rudd (compare his defensive reaction to the Burke affair to that of the old reformer Keating) it has significant potential now to back-fire on the Liberals with more devastating consequences. While both the programmes of parties are exhausted, the Liberals are even more organisationally hollowed out.

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