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Tuesday, 6 March 2007 

A curious feature of commentary is that the more unprecedented the conditions, the more it tends to cling to the past to explain it. It is hard to think of another election in which the past has been regurgitated as a guide to the future as that of 2007, which one do you want, 2001 or 2004? The graphs are being trotted out to show the decline of Latham or Beazley to project forward the future for Rudd from his apparent peak reached in Newspoll today following the Burke furore.

As said earlier, this blog believes that the Coalition are making a mistake playing the old game of personal attack in new conditions and have now released a process that could
easily get out of control. There cannot be a more inappropriate morality campaign launched by a government since Major’s ‘Back to Basics’ in the UK in the mid 1990s.

There is no evidence to suggest why Rudd should have peaked and certainly the ALP has not yet done so.

The reliance on the past comes from the weakness of both camps. For the Libs they have nothing left but to hope that the old buttons work, without knowing why they did. Labor’s insecurities on whether it is ready for power makes it vulnerable to superstition that history will repeat itself. In terms of state of eroded grassroots organisation and global political realignments, the Coalition is facing an unprecedented situation for which the past is no guide at all.

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