In one way the Coalition’s attack on Rudd over Burke shows all that is wrong with its strategy at the moment.

It can do nothing but press the old buttons and, as has already been seen over national security, they no longer work in the way they did. On Burke, the Coalition looks to be making the same mistake. Attaching the L-plate label was of course supposed to work with Latham, but only after it translated to policy, namely the premature proposal to withdraw from Iraq. As Rudd has shown recently, when the political environment changes, old buttons do not always work, even on Iraq.

Unless the same can be done with the latest attack, i.e. a link made to policy, the attack on the personal can back-fire. The Campbell resignation already highlights how quickly this attack can get out-of-control.

For Rudd this a crash-through or crash time. He cannot let this rest but could do a lot of damage to the Coalition if he persists.

Posted by The Piping Shrike on Monday, 5 March 2007.

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