Fresh, new and dead

Thursday, 12 April 2007 

Another day, another new Liberal state leader.

This time in SA, the third in 13 months. Why do Liberal leaders have such short shelf life these days? It can’t be just because they lose, Federal Labor lost for decades and they hung on to theirs like grim death. The fact is that the state Liberals, while externally looking intact, are falling apart internally. They are no more than a group of individuals with no significant agenda difference between them, and leadership changes end up being no more than one group of individuals taking over from the other bunch. Once again a new Liberal leader arrives talking of freshness and renewal, but no significant policy change.

The trouble is, without any agenda behind the move, it could just as easily go the other way – even at the same time. Despite Hamilton-Smith claiming this signals the most significant change for the SA Liberals in over a decade, the party itself doesn’t seem to think so. H-S is finding winning the top job is being accompanied by the threat of losing the deputy to another group as happened to Barry O’Farrell in NSW.

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