A political failure

Wednesday, 9 May 2007 

Education? That was the big agenda?

It hardly worked for Labor when Rudd released his ‘revolution’ earlier this year but where on earth does it come from within the coalition? They have little credibility on the issue and it is far too late to start building one now. Without a credible policy agenda behind the Budget, the tax breaks are unlikely to have much political impact. Commentators’ expectations that they will could only come from seeing them through their 2001/2004 election glasses. Post-budget claims that the government had taken the wind out of Labor’s sails were less accurate than the pre-budget observation that the coalition had to put wind into theirs.

Breathless from presenting the Budget, Costello was again acting peculiarly in the ABC studios. From where does his strange behaviour come? It must be from comparing himself to the previous long-tenure Treasurer. But whereas Keating’s tenure was due to his central role in adapting Australia to global economic trends, Costello’s was not due to his genius but from his inability to politically challenge Howard. He had his chance last night to set an agenda when Howard had plainly run out of one. What a failure.

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