Desperate but not serious

Wednesday, 23 May 2007 

Howard may claim that he takes the poor polls seriously but his actions suggest otherwise.

Only days after suggesting the polls were a product of the electorate’s sense of humour, he now goes public on his party-room warning that the government faces annihilation at the next election.

The intent is clear, to get the electorate thinking seriously about the possibility of a Labor victory – as though they weren’t already. Behind Howard’s warning is the implication that when the public says that they would vote Labor, it is not with the intention of actually wanting them in.

Of course Howard is not the only one who thinks the public’s voting intention simply can’t be serious. Almost all political commentators dismiss the size of Labor’s lead in the polls without bothering to give a reason as to why. Dennis Shanahan, who has been falling over himself to call the end of Labor’s large lead endlessly since Rudd assumed leadership, now writes as though only he and Howard ever took the polls seriously.

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