No reasons to be cheerful

Tuesday, 29 May 2007 

As the IR debate was mainly a morale booster for both sides, its fading will be an internal problem for both sides.

For Labor, this is less obvious for now because of how they have interpreted the Rein affair (although this may change if the focus shifts moves from Therese Rein’s relationship to her husband to her relationship with her employees). For the coalition the demoralising impact is more immediate following the latest, (surprisingly) poor Newspoll. Howard, still using the tactics of the past, is partly to blame with his party room comments last week. It is one thing to talk about annihilation as a political tactic, but not when it has the potential to be a political reality.

As usual, the politically inept Treasurer got it most wrong when he told the party room that “Labor is extremely well-packaged but they have no deep convictions”. This is the same Treasurer who a few weeks ago said Labor were “religious fanatics” on one issue which is an election winner, climate change.

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