Who’s stopped listening?

Tuesday, 22 May 2007 

Among the modern democracies there can be few electorates so routinely insulted by its own media as the Australian electorate.

When it is not supposedly being swayed by a handful of dollars in the coalition’s budget, or swooning over a new opposition leader just because he is new, it simply decides to stop listening like a bored teenager. This latest media excuse for why the coalition is not polling well implies there is nothing wrong with what the government is saying, it is simply that the electorate cannot/will not hear it.

Let’s be clear, there is something wrong with what the coalition is saying. It is saying nothing. In particular it has nothing to say on what are, for better or worse, the key issues of geopolitics. Yesterday, The Age’s Grattan quoted the words of former Liberal party director Andrew Robb, who hit the nail on the head:

If the Government dealt with big issues such as climate change and water “people will then be satisfied about our intent and our frame of mind, and there’ll be a really critical eye then come on the Labor Party”, he said.

It is this lack of the ‘big’ issues that is killing the government and most of the comentariat is missing it. It is they, rather than the Australian electorate, that are struggling to move on from their backside wallet.

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