This is getting excruciating.

If it was anybody else, it could have been argued that the criticisms of Howard published in a new book John Winston Howard this week were part of a carefully orchestrated campaign to undermine the PM towards a challenge. But don’t worry, it’s just Costello being petulant from a year ago when he was again being put in his place by Howard.

For both of them, however, this is hardly good news. Criticisms of Howard’s performance as a Treasurer and his negative influence on current spending is not very helpful for a PM running on economic management and fending off charges of using public money for his re-election. For Costello, this has all the negative destabilising fall-out from a challenge, but none of the resolution from actually launching one. No one in the party will thank him for that, making his eventual success on the day he finally makes a bid even less likely.

Posted by The Piping Shrike on Thursday, 19 July 2007.

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