It could have been Tony Jones was in bad form but last night’s Lateline interview with the PM would have to have been one of his worst.

It wasn’t entirely his fault as the election campaign is now being littered with dead issues that were escalated by the government for political purposes but have since gone nowhere. The Murray initiative, the NT intervention and the Haneef case are still unresolved complex issues, but their political rationale has dissipated. The stonewalling of questions on interest rates shows that even the economy, that was supposed to be a key focus for the government, has been neutralised by Rudd’s campaign on grocery and housing costs. Jones resorted to again raising the week-old non-challenge from Costello and asking Howard whether the troops will be baking him a birthday cake.

Perhaps when parliament reconvenes the week after next, it will help revive an election campaign that was shutdown by Howard when he brought the political class’s greatest failure centre stage with his NT intervention, but signs are not promising.

Posted by The Piping Shrike on Thursday, 26 July 2007.

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