What job is Howard running for?

Thursday, 2 August 2007 

OK, so we know that the federal government can’t detain a terrorist suspect for the UK government without it descending into farce, can it run a hospital?

There is a bizarre topsy-turvy view of national politics from those in the press who think that Howard can simply walk away from making a mess on matters of high international security and then stroll into Devonport and turn the campaign around by saving a hospital.

This is not a crucial new turn in Howard’s re-election strategy but an attempt like all his recent attacks on the states, to make the best of a national mess. Nurses might naturally be cheering from the balconies at their hospital being saved, but how is that going to turn into votes for a national election? There is no political point of issue between Howard and the states and this is certainly not a new federalism. Howard is getting involved in state affairs because every national initiative he has launched this year has gone nowhere. A new federalism implies the states’ powers being centralised to Canberra, whereas as we see with the Haneef bungling, power in the centre is actually ebbing away.

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