Labor helps rate rise become a Howard plus

Wednesday, 7 November 2007 

The polls say that interest rates are not the direct responsibility of politicians and this blog believes it.

What the public is being convinced on is that union influence and wages are. They are not only being told this by the government in its attack on union influence in the Labor front bench. Labor itself is also feeding this line with its ill-advised strategy of turning Howard’s Workchoices, an IR flop that business has little interest in, into a major overhaul of the industrial landscape (with more to come).

It doesn’t take too much for the coalition to make the link between wages, inflation and interest rates and to give some resonance to the idea that that they may not have much direct control, but they are doing the best they can by keeping a lid on the unions. To those voters that care about it, the argument that the rate rise will be more helpful for the coalition than Labor is credible.

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