Thursday, 31 July 2008 

Any discussion on climate change that had Malcolm Turnbull and Wilson Tuckey both thinking they got what they wanted, clearly resolved nothing.

The media says that Turnbull got things his way. If that’s so, he would have been surprised to have heard his leader on The 7.30 Report last night refusing to commit to a 2012 start date.

In fact it was Turnbull who got rolled this week. He was indulged at the shadow cabinet meeting on Tuesday then again at the party meeting on Wednesday, although Nelson must have posed it in a way that kept even the sceptics satisfied. Greg Hunt has been given some three-point thing to go away and play with on Lateline, while Nelson, after a bit of prodding, gave the most sceptic of the many positions he has adopted over the last month.

Turnbull looks to be finished. The party has moved to a sceptic position but it was done over his head so his chance to challenge it has passed him by.

By the way, someone in the Prime Minister’s department should reprogramme the Minister for Climate Change. It is not a good look to cut away from the Liberals’ carrying-ons and see her smug visage talking about the Liberals’ political games. It makes it look as though the government is playing some of their own. Moral indignation is the order of the day.

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