It was extremely gracious of the government to give the Liberals another chance to block the luxury car tax bill after one of their dozy senators stuffed it up by missing the vote.

You would almost think the government wanted it.

The media might want to see this being all about the two independents but the government is having none of it. As Lindsay Tanner wanted to make clear last night on Lateline, this is meant to be all about the Liberals who, less than the Independents, have to give at least some semblance of a political agenda from which to block the bills. They are struggling to do so. Pressure from the old leadership for Nelson to go in ‘hard’ against the government has put him in the position of having to oppose taxes on luxury cars and Barcadi Breezers, giving even Swan the chance to crack a funny about the opposition being led by Robbie Williams.

Lateline’s Leigh Sales refused to take Tanner’s advice and wanted to interview the Family First’s political nobody, Steve Fielding. The result was one of the most moronic (and boring) interviews she has done this year.

Footnote: Have Julie Bishop and the Liberals totally lost their sense of self awareness that they can’t see what talking about how she protected Brendan Nelson from the bullying Ms Neal looks like?

Posted by The Piping Shrike on Friday, 5 September 2008.

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