Hardball – an update

Friday, 13 February 2009 

Be careful of what you wish for because you may find you get it.

Xenophon’s rejection of the stimulus has given the government at least another day to turn the Liberal’s internal manoeuvre into a public one. The reaction to the blocking in the Senate highlights that in their opposition, the Liberals are standing up for few but themselves. Certainly not most of big business that would usually be the most supportive of lower debt, and lower taxes to pay for it. In fact, business’s attitude may be why even Xenophon’s attempts to rustle up some pork-barrelling has not gone down too well with the local rag.

The lack of support for the Liberals’ stance from those who would normally be natural backers illustrates why the political debate in Australia has hollowed out. Nowadays business seems to be expecting nothing from government than restraint when times are good and to be bailed out when they are not. Either party is capable of doing that – it is just that Labor doesn’t have to worry about internal ideological necessities getting in the way.

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