The only difference over what happened on Ashmore Reef was how a weak political class reacted to a media campaign.

It has been fascinating to watch the coalition go through its motions over the last week as it was worked on by the media.

While not being too fussed if Marr is slandering the coalition, it would be nice if he didn’t include the rest of us as well.

The media has missed that it is not the illegal refugees that is the issue as much as the international context in which it is happening.

No left turn, either

Tuesday, 14 April 2009   State of the parties   6 comments 

Clearly some markets are more evil than others.

A political morality play

Friday, 10 April 2009   Key posts, Tactics   9 comments 

To make a morality play out of this economic crisis it is first necessary to make it a financial one.

Chris Uhlmann must have clearly enjoyed London because even his anti-government cynicism was swept away by what came out of the G20. It is hard to see why.

If it is clear that there has a failure to find an international solution, it is bad news for Rudd because he doesn’t really have anything on the domestic front by way of a counter-crisis strategy.