These decades of stagnant real wages is the background that is usually forgotten by billionaires like George Soros and Bill Gross when they get worked up about the rise of credit.

New myths for old

Friday, 24 July 2009   Media analysis   3 comments 

It might be that it doesn’t matter and we are not in a lull between the global banking crisis becoming a global fiscal crisis and that indeed the worst is now over and growth will resume. If so, why are some of our brightest talking austerity?

Highlighting the coalition’s hypocrisy by contrasting its response to Hick’s detention at Guantanamo is a good example, but surely Dr Haneef’s case is a better one.

The media has followed the usual course when an Australian is detained anywhere north of here; that naturally they must be innocent and that international legal standards of decency, remarkably similar to our own, have been contravened.

Flashpoint No. 2

Friday, 10 July 2009   International relations   8 comments 

The detention by the Chinese government of an Australian businessman poses far more difficulties for Rudd than would be immediately apparent in the polls.

Politicians avoid Rove not because it’s ‘easy’ and they yearn the tough questions of a Kerry O’Brien but because it is anti-political.

There is only one political/ideological/theological question the Liberals need to answer at the moment, what does business want?