Nelson’s lesson for Turnbull

Thursday, 27 August 2009   Political figures   7 comments 

Nelson’s problem was not so much Rudd, but that his party would not let him follow the route Rudd has taken to adapt to current conditions.


Monday, 24 August 2009   State of the parties   5 comments 

In effect, politics has turned upside down. Instead of sections of society looking to get political representation we have political parties looking for someone to represent.

Climate change tactics – an update

Tuesday, 18 August 2009   Tactics   7 comments 

We have here a gaping credibility gap between a political class that doesn’t even want to take on the responsibility of interest rates anymore, but is planning to undertake the most fundamental change in how the economy is reorganised since the industrial revolution.

Costello said on Monday night that Turnbull has had a far easier ride than Nelson, but this blog is now not so sure. There seems no other way to explain the Liberals’ extraordinary behaviour over the last few days.

Christian Kerr thought senior Liberals on Monday were ‘rallying’ to Turnbull. Lord knows what he thinks ‘left swinging in the breeze’ looks like.

That such an incident, so trivial in nature, should turn out be so potentially damaging to two senior political figures and was actually damaging to another, should have been proof of the anti-political climate our politicians are operating in. Now, with what is becoming almost the canonisation of the said public servant, we have more.