The problem for Fraser is not that the Liberals are moving to the right as such but that there is no real basis for them doing so.

In reality, Abbott’s ‘challenge’ to Rudd has always been as much a media construct as is Gillard’s current ‘challenge’ to Rudd or was Costello’s ‘challenge’ to Howard.

It’s perhaps understandable that when Labor might be wondering what abandoning all their principles under Rudd is actually getting them, that the temptation to buff themselves up by attacking Abbott as too right wing, rather than, say, too incoherent, should be too powerful to pass up.

The media have been talking about Gillard taking over the leadership as though it would sort out Labor’s electoral problems. Of course, there has not been a single poll that backs that view.

Surely this isn’t the same Chris Uhlmann who a year ago was chastising Rudd for believing in the threat of climate change like it was an act of faith?