One Nation is less political party than just a symptom of a corroded political system that has nowhere to go.

It is not right for Australians to be forced into a guessing game, and it’s not right for Australians to not face this year with certainty and stability. So in the interests of certainty, in the interest of transparency, in the interest of good governance, I have made the date clear today. J Gillard, January […]

The Queensland disaster is unsettling because it brings the Liberals closer to a leadership challenge in Canberra they don’t want to have.

The age of technocracy has passed and the age of anti-politics is now well and truly upon us.

Top end upended

Monday, 27 August 2012   State and federal politics   43 comments 

Far from being “out of it” some politicians have been working hard to make the remote communities in the Northern Territory and Queensland practically avant-garde.

There are no issues implications because the Queensland election didn’t really have any, it was more about the entire model of government.


Wednesday, 3 August 2011   State and federal politics   11 comments 

It’s the seeming lack of real content to Labor’s current unpopularity that probably makes them think it’s worth having a go.

It is now becoming clear what caused the collapse of the NSW Labor government. There was no one running it.

The lack of options is why they are less wanting to talk about reconnecting with the electorate than preferring to retreat up their own safe seats.

‘Revival’ is too strong a word, but the Victorian Liberals did achieve at least a partial solution to a very important problem.

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